Talent Acquisition Solutions Customized to your Business Goals.

Experience reduced cost per hire, decreased cycle time, improved new hire quality and lower turnover.
Develop your Talent Acquisition Process

Partial RPO solutions from Graham Reed are designed to meet a specific, strategic client need – such as outsourcing of resourcing for a specialized skill set, a growing market region or a new business unit. By focusing on a critical component of your talent acquisition process, we can cost-effectively flex to meet business objectives, augment your organization’s internal resources or add recruiting expertise not available in-house.


Partial RPO
    • - Dedicated service team
    • - Pool of trained, scalable resources to deploy as your business needs require
    • - Client ownership of candidates and candidate data
    • - Expert data-driven program management
    • - Extensive reporting and analysis customized to your business needs
    • - Service Level Agreement/Key Performance Indicator reporting and management
    • - Experienced implementation team skilled in change management, solution design, and training
    RPO Services

    Full RPO

    Connect with our full RPO solutions programme for an end-to-end talent acquisition strategy that yields maximum results.

    Why RPO?

    Global RPO

    Engage with an RPO leader who can provide stand-alone support to your worldwide markets we offers a global RPO network.

    Project-Based RPO

    Project-based RPO solutions are intended for situations in which existing internal resources cannot stretch to meet the demand.