Talent Acquisition Solutions Customized to your Business Goals.

Experience reduced cost per hire, decreased cycle time, improved new hire quality and lower turnover.
Recruitment Agency positively impacted by external dedicated resourcers

A large, national recruitment consultancy client needed a partner to help it hit its surge in their client requirement demands and increase their position fill rate. At the time, in the company all their recruiters where 360 with a slant towards business development, as a consequence the business was underperforming and the company was consistently falling short of forecasts.



Graham Reed partnered with this client and dug-in to deeply understand and then redefine the resourcing areas that are key to the company’s profit and performance. We found that our client needed the right balance of speed and experience within the individuals sectors, in order to fill more positions and hit forecast. So, we found a way to reposition the way they worked to incorporate an external dedicated resourcer which in turn increased their role closure rate and impacted performance.

Some of our tactics included:

• New resourcing process to improve candidate search time.

• A centralized resourcing process with high levels of consistency • A new, repositioned, website to improve digital presence

• Shift in the entire resourcing process including new job descriptions, innovative sourcing, social media networking

• Focused assessment and KPIs

• Key Results

• Achieved hiring forecast for Spring quarter

• Experienced an increase of 28% in requirement closure rate